Commemorating 70 years since the twin bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki


The poster is a photograph of a drop of blood hitting the water’s surface, creating a deep red cloud similar to an atomic explosion. I worked with Harry Pearce to create the design, with Harry using his own blood: “I used my own blood to illustrate that in the end all our blood was symbolically spilt that day. We all still live under the cloud of what was done, and what could still be done, to us all. It's a humble expression of empathy.”

In the lead up to the shoot photographer Richard Foster experimented with ink, water temperatures and drop heights to create the perfect shape. The image used in the poster is the last frame of the final day.

The project was awarded a Wooden Pencil at the D&AD Awards.

Designed whilst at Pentagram, under the direction of Harry Pearce. Photography by Richard Foster. Film stills by Christian Carlsson.

It's All Our Blood