Highlighting typographic details of some of the most coveted fine wines


Berry Bros. & Rudd's 'Cellar Plan' is designed to help wine enthusiasts build up a personal cellar over time. It had been running for more than 20 years but needed to be modernised. We designed a luxurious ring-bound pack that would be sent out to members that could be easily updated with new content over time. The chapter dividers feature macro shots of some of the most iconic and coveted fine wines in the world. The inside of the chapters contain hints, tips and long-form editorial content, all interspersed with beautiful photographs by Jason Lowe.

Designed whilst at Pentagram, under the direction of Harry Pearce. Photography by Nick Turner.

Cellar Plan 022
Cellar Plan 024
Cellar Plan 025
Cellar Plan 027
Cellar Plan_comp