A design approach in keeping with a traditional warehouse environment


As well as their iconic shop in St James's, Berry Bros. & Rudd also have a Warehouse Shop in Hampshire. We worked with Urban Salon to create a signage and environmental solution that was fitting for a warehouse location whilst retaining a sense Berry Bros. & Rudd's sophistication.

Central to the design is a bespoke re-drawn stencil cut of the typeface Chronicle. This was used across the store, from the galvanised steel sign hanging above the entrance, to the typographic installation on the back wall. Several days were spent on-site working with lettering artists who painstakingly hand painted all of our designs. We also created a system of product tickets for use throughout the shop.

Designed whilst at Pentagram, under the direction of Harry Pearce. Store design by Urban Salon. Photography by Nick Tuner.

BBR 013
BBR 075
BBR 062
BBR 085