A radical rebrand for India's most loved mango drink


Introduced to the market in 1985, Frooti is the most popular mango drink in India and can be found in every store on every street throughout the vast subcontinent. The project began with a research trip to India, which is where we discovered the stencil lettering on the mango crates at Crawford Market in Mumbai.

The brief was to create a rebrand that was sensitive to Frooti’s beloved status, but also radical enough to appeal to new consumer groups. Specifically, it had to attract 15-30 year olds, who had previously shied away from the drink. The rebrand was an immediate success and after its launch in February 2015, sales increased by 60%.

Designed whilst at Pentagram, under the direction of Harry Pearce. Advertising campaign by Sagmeister & Walsh.

Frooti_new colour_2