Posters for various exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts


Throughout my time at Pentagram I had the pleasure of working on various exhibtion posters for the Royal Academy of Arts. Three of my favourites were for Richard Rogers, David Hockney, and Abstract Expressionism:

The poster for 'Richard Rogers, Inside Out' was a graphic amalgamation of his iconic architectural forms and his love for bright colours.

For Hockney's '82 Portraits and 1 Still-life', a selection the portraits were arranged in a three-by-three grid to emphasise the exhibition concept; each work is the same size, showing his sitter in the same chair, against the same vivid blue background and all painted in the same time frame of three days. 

With such prominent figures featured in the 'Abstract Expressionism' exhibition it seemed fitting to use the names as part of the design. Overlaid on one of Pollock's famous 'drip period' paintings, the names spill off the edges to emphasise the  monumental canvases of the show that engulf the viewer.

Designed whilst at Pentagram, under the direction of Harry Pearce.